Water is something that every single person on Earth needs to survive. Apart from our ability to breathe, our need for water is our most immediate and basic need. The human right to water for hydration and hygiene is becoming less and less stable for a number of different reasons. Droughts that cause water scarcity and water supply contamination have become very serious problems throughout the world. Clean water is not a guaranteed right to much of humanity, regardless of whether it should be. However, there are a few organizations trying to change that. Let’s take a look at the top 3 global non-profit charities for clean water that are making a difference in this appallingly neglected area of basic human rights.

African countries have been extremely affected by both the HIV/AIDS epidemic and a lack of access to water. This organization takes both of these crises into account by providing HIV/AID support in addition to helping provide clean water to people in 11 different countries.

Damage sustained by hurricane Maria on the island of Puerto Rico is more widespread than was initially speculated. The damage sustained to the island’s infrastructure and potential contamination factors have made getting water a near impossibility in some areas. The Water For Puerto Rico Foundation gives those in need the ability to access clean water.

While they may seem well-intentioned, it is difficult for charitable water projects to create lasting change. Long-term clean water solutions are what Water For Good is all about. Their plans help to empower and engage the affected to not only give them access to drinking water but improve their agriculture and sanitation, as well.

When problems are far away, it is easy to feel helpless. Even when the issues are right in front of you, sometimes they are so complex and confusing that it can seem impossible to conquer these obstacles. Filtration systems, wells, and bottled water deliveries are what keep people alive in times of water crisis. Our common need for water should make us compassionate to those who are forced to go without it. Be sure and support one of the many organization that helps people get the water they are entitled to as human beings.